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Autumn Winter 2021 is a profoundly personal response from founder and creative director Demon Zhang to her experience of the restrictive conditions of 2020.  

Throughout the months of isolation and uncertainty in Guangzhou, Zhang plumbed her subconscious for inspiration, embarking on a journey to discover her inner-self at a time when travel and external exploration were out of the question.

In a process akin to the Automatism method, used by the Surrealists to suppress conscious control over creativity and allow the unconscious mind greater influence, Zhang looked to her inner world, exploring the maelstrom of her inner thoughts.  

What she witnessed was a transmutative psychological journey, from the vulnerability of confronting fraught memories to the ensuing impulse to cocoon herself and form a protective shell to allow for a personal metamorphosis to authenticity. 

Mithridate AW21: Press
Mithridate AW21: Pro Gallery
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